James Roose-Evans


It is with sadness that we announce the death of our founder, James Roose-Evans. We also wish to express on everyone’s behalf a deep gratitude for all he achieved.

November 11th would have been James’s 95th birthday. He died quickly and peacefully at home on a warm Autumn evening, 26 October, comfortable, cared for and surrounded by love.

Everyone who knows the Bleddfa Centre will be aware of his unique contribution.  Here is the story of how it came about.

James founded, fundraised, and was the creative force behind the Centre for more than three decades. Right up to the end he continued to take a deep interest in it and was a lifelong trustee.

In 2007 he delivered the Annual Lecture on the topic of Creativity and the Arts – a topic about which he was passionate and which encapsulated everything Bleddfa stands for. In 2016 he performed a spell-binding poetry recital. And, as recently as 2017 he gave an enthusiastic talk at Bleddfa to a packed audience from his “Blue Remembered Hills: Radnorshire Journey” (one of his 21 books) which is centred on Bleddfa and richly evokes his love for the area and its communities.

His remarkable energy lives on – not only in the words he has published already and the memories of his countless friends but also in the words he has written for future publication. In fact, James being James, has written blogs for his website which go until 2030!

JRE’s last letter to me contained this memorable extract from one of his ‘future’ blogs:

In churches around the world candles are lit in memory of a loved one or for someone in need, and when we leave the building, it is in the knowledge that the candle burns on in our absence, only to be succeeded by other candles, each a symbol of the ongoing stream of prayer. Lighting a candle is not only an act of piety; it is an act of poetry, reminding us that we each carry a lamp for humanity…

So now let us light a candle within ourselves as we enter the Great Silence, knowing that all over the world others are gathered together in prayer and meditation as they too, share in that Great silence.



James Roose-Evans

11.11.1927 – 26.10.2022


There will be a gathering at Bleddfa in the spring to celebrate James.



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